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 Forum Names

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New Guy
New Guy

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Join Date : 2008-02-04
Location : England

PostSubject: Forum Names   February 27th 2008, 8:57 am

How did you come up with your name, does it have some relevance or importance or is just so kickass that anyone who reads it will be under your spell?

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Number of posts : 3416
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Location : Spinning in circles - Seattle area

PostSubject: Re: Forum Names   February 27th 2008, 9:39 am

Mine is my middle name.

Jonathan Sinza La'Flesh
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Number of posts : 719
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Location : Bayern, Germany

PostSubject: Re: Forum Names   February 27th 2008, 1:11 pm


I Love Blood


I`m God noo is joke but i Play WoW and love the Zul Gurub BloodGod
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PostSubject: Re: Forum Names   February 28th 2008, 1:31 am

Been my online alias for quite some time. There is relevance to it. not in a ciondition to explain it atme. will edit in morning.
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New Guy
New Guy

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Location : U.S.A

PostSubject: Re: Forum Names   March 16th 2008, 6:43 pm

Axel i my German name and it is what my students call me at the tech school. :)
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Number of posts : 2067
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Location : Pittsburgh

PostSubject: Re: Forum Names   March 16th 2008, 10:15 pm

Sinza La'Flesh

HA !, I didn't get this for a couple seconds . . . .

Jerry K , that's my real name.
The photo on the left is an italian 11inch manual folding knife modified by myself to be a gravity flick knife.
I built the brass toggle lever, and I reground the blade, and redrilled the pivot pin to keep the blade straight.

JerryK21 because 21 victories get you the Blue Max ( Pour le MeRite ), , , , I'm a Red Baron fan.
JerryK25 on other sites. random number to make it different
JerryK55 on other sites. random number, my age

I have another famous Avatar, I almost used it here.

For a while I was Stabbin Time, from the Clash song Drug Stabbin Time
But my better thought it was too violent, and so I changed my avatar to "Cheese Macaroni"
with a cartoon of a typical italian knife and how I changed the bolsters to devil ears.
I wrote a rant about how Cholesterol will kill me before switchblades, why isn't CheeseMac outlawed too.
and how Cheese Macaroni actually is a very dangerous thing, it kills you by surprise.

Here is the actual knife, a bought italian kit knife and a 60's folder, merged together and
with modified "ears" into devil horns and turned into a parts knife,
I've probably built a dozen , some automatic, some gravity, some manual folders. I only have this one left now.
some were crappy, some were brass edge kits, one was nickel cast by me, this one is steel bolsters.
They were not all wasp waists, thats why I saved this experiment.

I would like to continue experimenting with wasp waists. But my fingers are old and tired.
Someday I hope to do a flatguard wasp waist auto. and I can never find time to finish stuff.
( I think it may be a character flaw, unfinished things.)
In knife building circles, I'm what you call a "mangler", I fix up junk knives for fun.
Even though I've made each and every part of a knife, many times over,
I've only built less than 20 wholly original scratch made knives. Not all of them were folders.
I made the Needle spike, but its not really a knife. I mostly swap parts and rehandle stuff.
I think before I get too old, I Hope to make a masterpiece, just to show I had it in me.
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Balrog In Charge
Balrog In Charge

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PostSubject: Re: Forum Names   March 17th 2008, 3:04 am

Ok lessee here. I'm a little bit of a pyro, who's a fan of powerful mythical creatures, and blades of all kinds... I think that pretty much sums it up for me... Twisted Evil
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Bill Sykes.....He'll shove that Shillelagh up ya shithole
Bill Sykes.....He'll shove that Shillelagh up ya shithole

Number of posts : 2066
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Join Date : 2007-12-07
Location : Just Sarf ah Lahndan

PostSubject: Re: Forum Names   March 17th 2008, 3:19 pm

Shiiiiit, Bill Sykes is the original Old English Thug, which resembles my "other side" which, im glad to say doesn't come out too often! Rolling Eyes Wink Laughing Laughing cheers

BillSykes Minigun
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Death Dealer
Death Dealer

Number of posts : 242
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Location : The Netherlands

PostSubject: Re: Forum Names   April 8th 2008, 8:14 am

My name's based one 2 things of my life.
The "Night" part of my alias is because I just love the nighttime and I'm most active at those times.

"Razr" is because I used to have the tendency to cut my thumb with all things sharp, and it's typed like that because I just got the Motorola V3i Razr cellphone.
That's pretty much it for me. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Forum Names   

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Forum Names
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