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 Cheese Macaroni

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Location : Pittsburgh

PostSubject: Cheese Macaroni   December 17th 2007, 4:54 pm

Hi, I'm Jerryk25, The only forum I post on is SharperD's, But I read many others.
I will stop by here periodically.
I mostly like vintage barlows, and cheap japanese lockbacks that impersonate italian knives.
I spent many years wrecking G.C.Co 9'' stilettos, and I still love them too too much.
The bulk of my collection are lockback stilettos, bayo and clip point, and many picklock manual folders.
My prized Auto pieces are a few shrades, 2 kabars, and a Raimondo, a Triangolo , and an unmarked 13'' fatty.
most of my other knives are thouroghly adulterated, glued, re-polished, mix-n-match parts,
but there ARE many nice tang stamp autos carefully tucked away around here.

And I too, just love the intricate and ingenious mechanisms found on Automatics.

My christmas wish is an 11'' wasp waist 2 piece flat guard with skunk horn.
one where the button is way far down on the handle.
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Location : Spinning in circles - Seattle area

PostSubject: Re: Cheese Macaroni   December 17th 2007, 5:50 pm

Jerry, you honor me by anytime you may spend here.

For you other guys, I'm not trying to kiss ass Jerry. I show respect where it's deserved and as far as I'm considered Jerry is a special honored guest in my house. He may not stop by much, but if he writes anything it's gold!!! And Jerry has the skills to pay the bills!! He's proven that and earned my respect as a automaker. He knows what he's talking about not because he thinks he knows, but because he's DONE IT AND BUILT IT !!! He's been there and done that!

If I could start my like over I SWEAR I would be a machinist!!!!!

cheers Jerry cheers Jerry cheers Jerry cheers

People want some more good reading go over to SHARPER DEALS FORUM, that's where Switchblade country is!!
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Bill Sykes.....He'll shove that Shillelagh up ya shithole
Bill Sykes.....He'll shove that Shillelagh up ya shithole

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PostSubject: Re: Cheese Macaroni   December 19th 2007, 1:26 pm

I totally agree with you Sinza, A very clever man is Jerry! :)
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Number of posts : 2067
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Join Date : 2007-12-15
Location : Pittsburgh

PostSubject: Re: Cheese Macaroni   December 23rd 2007, 10:30 pm

If I'm so #@$#@ clever, how come I'm still poor ? Very Happy

The problem is my skill keeps getting pigeon holed in a post steel-mill crash industry
I draw a drawing, and get $ per hr, no expectation of more money unless I draw more.

Even though I mostly draw and design, and can do some small amount of programming,
I'm used to cranking handles on a vertical mill, I never was a lathe man, I hate big threads.
I can deal with drill and taps but I never could do like a 24 inch dia pipe thread.
My Boss could do that,manually. He was my teacher.
But nowdays he hires trade school teenagers, tolerates their pierced tounges
and stands them by a $120,000 milling machine, and They get the lower back pain.

Machining now is all about drawing on cad, being compatible with surfcam or whatever,
and knowing someone with set-up experience zero-ing the cutting tips on a
modern machine with a tool turret.

And me?
Draw a drawing, get a dollar, draw a drawing, get a dollar, draw a drawing, get a dollar.
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PostSubject: Re: Cheese Macaroni   

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Cheese Macaroni
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