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 Dual xiphiods

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New Guy
New Guy

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PostSubject: Dual xiphiods   Dual xiphiods Icon_minitimeDecember 10th 2011, 9:51 pm

Howdy! This is my first post and I thought I would post some weapons and gear that I have made and hopefully get some insight on things that I can improve on.

The latest xiphoids that I finished I made using designs and ideas that I found on this web site. I was able to find parts that would work and drew up some plans. (Don’t you love erector sets?)
Dual xiphiods 384364_255427727851811_100001537562541_718544_937168274_n

At the time my brother (mars42) was starting to learn how to weld, so he was able to weld the mounts on to the blades that I was using (two broken throwing knife blades):
Dual xiphiods 385947_255427694518481_100001537562541_718543_622655400_n

I was then able to build the mounting system.
Dual xiphiods 378843_255427751185142_100001537562541_718545_275715553_n

Then I attached it to the slide rail.
Dual xiphiods 390859_255427764518474_100001537562541_718546_963861219_n

I finished them by mounting them to a set of cardboard vambraces that I made.
Dual xiphiods 374834_255427827851801_100001537562541_718547_1121384952_n

It has a magnet on the back that holds it in place but it still slides out nicely with a good flick. When the blade is out it is held in place by a copper wire that is attached to a ring on my finger.
Dual xiphiods 379785_255427841185133_100001537562541_718548_1327512348_n

Dual xiphiods 387265_255427904518460_100001537562541_718549_1316628667_n

Dual xiphiods 374820_255427931185124_100001537562541_718550_1168689377_n

Here are all the ones I have made so far. Most of them are pretty simple but they all work fairly well.
Dual xiphiods 393637_255427671185150_100001537562541_718542_2074555858_n

Hope y’all enjoyed. Please let me know if you would like to see more. I am currently working on some designs for a xiphoid bow; hopefully I will be able to post that soon to get some feedback from you guys.

Thanks for looking.


P.S. I hope this is in the right section. Most of my xiphoids have no springs so I would assume that would be manual.

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PostSubject: Re: Dual xiphiods   Dual xiphiods Icon_minitimeDecember 10th 2011, 10:34 pm

Hello, and welcome. A nice simple design, one way you can add to this design is a spring attached to the base of the blade and the back of the rail. this way it retracts automatically, and you don't need to touch the blade allowing you to have a sharper blade and use only the weapon hand to operate the device.

Also Yay Very Happy , another user of the old erector set. I used an erector set regularly for making mine for the first year or so of making my xiphoids. this one was made entirely out of the old erector set and duct tape. well that attached to a medical brace that i have used ever since.

PS: its DUAL xiphoids, you wrote duel as in 1 vs 1 sword/gun fight.

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PostSubject: Re: Dual xiphiods   Dual xiphiods Icon_minitimeDecember 11th 2011, 6:16 am

That's AWESOME!! cheers

I like it! Great job. I always make prototypes out of cardboard and ductape before I transfer the pattern to leather. What I suggest now is start designing your next one and try to make each little part a bit better.
I like how you used scrap parts from other knives and I like the Erector set parts. Again, great job!

Now spend 3 times as much time and effort and make one that's really nice and works really well. Keep it simple, just do it well. Clean up the look, make a cover of some sorts, leather bracer, custom will look great! Again, keep it simple but do each part and system with more care and try to take what you have and make it perfect. After that...make one a little different and add something, maybe springs...maybe a lock, and each time try to do your best, each time try to do more to learn and challenge yourself.

You're 16 and you made it out of scraps, toys, cardboard&ductape....THAT'S GREAT!! Make it simple and make it cheap. Now learn to up your quality.

Great job, keep going. SINZA
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New Guy
New Guy

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PostSubject: Re: Dual xiphiods   Dual xiphiods Icon_minitimeDecember 11th 2011, 4:25 pm

Thanks for all the great comments guys. I really appreciate all the suggestions and feed back. I think I will make another one using the same design and refine it instead of building a bunch of lower quality xiphiods.

Thanks again,
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PostSubject: Re: Dual xiphiods   Dual xiphiods Icon_minitime

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Dual xiphiods
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