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 "The Massacre Master"!

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SlingShot Master
SlingShot Master

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PostSubject: "The Massacre Master"!   "The Massacre Master"! Icon_minitimeApril 1st 2012, 10:08 am

"The Massacre Master"! GiantPencil1

It is now a reality - cost me 12 hours in the shop today. A full size version of my pencil shooter! You strap it on like a "monster dildo of death". :wink:

In the pic, you see it next to the pencil shooter, it's tiny little brother. Gives you an idea about the dimension.

Attached to your chest, you can draw it back in a rowing fashion. This allows really high draw weights, impossible with a handheld slingshot. This is the most dangerous and effective weapon I have ever build.

45 kg (100 lbs) of a draw weight means it propels the 115 Gramm (a half pound) aluminum bolt, 15mm (0.59") diameter, with a 12mm (0.47") diameter steel tip to scary speeds. This uses my entire effective arm range! I see no way of making it even more powerful. It weighs about 4 kg (10 lb).

The rubber is prestretched from 27 cm to about 90 cm.

I call it the "Massacre Master" because that is what it can cause amongst Zombies - ten such monster bolts fired in under 10 seconds, easily. Short reloading time as you have both hands free. Easy aiming thanks to the long barrel.

I say with pride that I managed to improve Zhuge Liang's repeating crossbow, and the way I did it would have worked back then (albeit with a normal bow instead of rubber). Can you imagine what a few hundred of these could have done in an ancient battle?

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Death Dealer
Death Dealer

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PostSubject: Re: "The Massacre Master"!   "The Massacre Master"! Icon_minitimeApril 1st 2012, 12:21 pm

Must build timemachine!!!!
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Xiphoid Fanatic
Xiphoid Fanatic

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PostSubject: Re: "The Massacre Master"!   "The Massacre Master"! Icon_minitimeApril 1st 2012, 2:03 pm

It seems very inaccurate when drawing due to the long pull. Very impressive though! That things a scary beast.

Would a foot, to place on the ground, help at all?

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Xiphoid Fanatic
Xiphoid Fanatic

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PostSubject: Re: "The Massacre Master"!   "The Massacre Master"! Icon_minitimeApril 1st 2012, 2:35 pm

Verry cool
Now all you need is a larger balista artilery size that fires shovel handels, rebar or black pipe. Useing a spaning lever to draw it. You'll have a complete set and be ready for a castle siege.

the size and use of the body reminds me of the "artrilery" foot archers seen in JetLi's "Hero". Instead of useing seige engines they used thoustands of heavy foot archers. One would lay on the ground with a 200lb+ draw bow straped to his feet so he could use his full body to draw with, And the other would load the 4-5ft arrows and tell him where to aim. The chinese had such engenious ways to deal with the constraints of mountain warfair. These guys were far mor mobile than any machine.
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PostSubject: Re: "The Massacre Master"!   "The Massacre Master"! Icon_minitime

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"The Massacre Master"!
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