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New Guy
New Guy

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PostSubject: New Guy   New Guy Icon_minitimeNovember 11th 2010, 2:50 pm

Hi, I have recently joined the forums and thought I should introduce myself. I've always loved sharp and pointy objects, much to my family's concern. Only my uncle has a similar interest; guns. So I thank him for my interests as he had given me two bayonets to me when I was 13. I hope to be a member here for a while and hope to start on a Xiphoid soon.
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Weapons Master
Weapons Master

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PostSubject: Re: New Guy   New Guy Icon_minitimeNovember 11th 2010, 7:03 pm

Hey Altair,

Welcome to the forum !

I noticed your comment about having a couple of bayonets you were quite proud of,.... and I wanted to mention that we DO have a "Bayonet & Short Sword" topic.

Here's a link to the website's Bayonet thread. If you want to upload any pictures of your two bayonets,... this would be the proper place to post them.

I started the bayonet topic with a couple of selections from my own personal stash,.... and we've had a number of other members upload photos there too.

This website's founder SINZA has a photo posted there of a sweet Nazi German Fireman's Dress Dagger, that was passed on to him as a family heirloom..... and another of our favorite members "jerryk25", has added some pictures of a vintage Springfield bayonet that was carried by his father, when he was a member of the 2nd army's 94th division.

As someone whose actually had a family member give them some classic military steel,.... I'm sure you'll appreciate the photos and stories posted in this thread.

( I'm also really curious to see what kind of blades your uncle gave you )
.... it will be mine



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New Guy
New Guy

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PostSubject: Re: New Guy   New Guy Icon_minitimeNovember 13th 2010, 6:21 pm

Thanks, funny after reading that link I took out my bayonets, and wouldn't you know it, I have the very same one as you.

I have pictures at
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PostSubject: Re: New Guy   New Guy Icon_minitimeNovember 13th 2010, 9:25 pm

Although I don't "collect" non-folding blades, I have a few.
Not counting my Dad's.

I have a nice Japanese bayonet with sun showa stamp, J breaker guard.
Another jap bayonet that was customized to a mini katana with longer hilt.
a black Mauser bayonet, with a replaced wood handle, I throw it at trees.

I once had a couple "Ersatz bayonets" ,
made by Germans in WWI as a last ditch effort, they are converted sword blades.

But I traded it for a French spike bayonet with fancy script writing on the spine.
And then I traded that bayonet for gun parts, and other things.

I used to have a Chrome Mauser dress bayonet,
but I traded it and a replica 1918 brass handled trench knife,
I think I got a stag handled hunting knife, and an Arkansas toothpick kit knife.
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PostSubject: Re: New Guy   New Guy Icon_minitime

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New Guy
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