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PostSubject: APOLOGY   September 18th 2013, 11:41 pm

I am truthfully almost 12 HOWEVER I absolutely love this site I love the community I love the weapons. I'm very interested in this type of stuff. I can\'t wait to start my first project. I really love this site and hope you don't delete my account. Thank you.

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Xiphoid Fanatic
Xiphoid Fanatic

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PostSubject: Re: APOLOGY   September 19th 2013, 8:04 pm

Hey Stranger1212. I am also underage, and am lucky enough that the admins didn't delete my account.
Just a heads up though, one of the rules of the site is to not talk about bombs, poisons or other items that are only described as weapons. The weapons on this site are toys and art, not just weapons.

That said, I doubt that they will delete your account. The general idea seems to be that if you act like an adult, you are treated like an adult. That in itself is another reason I love this forum.

Hope they don't delete you man, it would be sad to see you go :)
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PostSubject: Re: APOLOGY   September 20th 2013, 11:13 am

True, I don't really care about age as much as how you act. I know many who are way past the age of 21 who still are little children, I know many under 18 who are very mature. being adult is more a mindset than age.

That being said...We build objects for the art, the design, for the challenge. Some things are not art or design or a challenge. We have had people post about ground up glass as blinding powder at that really pissed me off. Same thing with poison crap. It's not a challenge to build, it's not art, you're not designing anything, it's just stupid crap to hurt people and I WON'T allow it.
I understand that the nature of weapons is to cause harm, but I've always looked at weapons for their beauty. The skill of design, great lines, exotic materials, As sad as it is we live in the age of gun, not the age of blade anymore. So for the most part most melee weapons are built today as art. They may be designed and built as real as they can be, but they will not be used for real combat. Things like poison, bombs, blinding powders, chemical gas and other similar items can not be made to look beautiful, they have no 'look' to them. These items are only made to hurt people and that is bullshit. Not only does the MAKER guys...stand the chance of fucking up and hurting/killing yourself, but what if you actually used it. How would you feel if you blinded someone with powdered glass? How would it change a persons life if you triggered a bomb and it blew off their limbs. What if that poison you made accidentally put your best friend in a coma?
A knife, a wristblade, a flaming sword, tazer gloves, mini flamethrowers...these are cool toys and wonderful art projects. You can build them, show the world and everyone will be impressed. Do it good enough and you might be able to make good money at it, some of our members do just that.
make a bomb, poison, blinders, or other crap like that and all you will get, if lucky, is serious jail time. If not lucky you could really find yourself dead.

I don't delete accounts unless there is a problem....don't be a problem.

Now get busy! Make those hands move faster!  Build something freaking awesome and show us how cool your talents are. I don't care if you're just starting or been building for can still impress us. Just build cool things, but don't make shit that hurts people. If you want a weapon to hurt people do it the right way...get training, get a weapons permit and buy a gun. Carry a LEGAL knife (or three) with you at all times. Wrap a steel bearing ball in a monkeys fist of paracord and put it on your keychain. Carry mace/pepper is that shit NASTY. There are ways to be armed and still be legal and safe.

Quote :
I've thought up a bomb that 30 could probably destroy earth.

Dude...I live on Earth.  Please don't destroy it, we still need it for a few more years.
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Xiphoid Fanatic
Xiphoid Fanatic

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PostSubject: Re: APOLOGY   September 20th 2013, 8:20 pm

Well said Sinza. I share your sentiments. That the blade has lost its usefulness in modern warfare is truly depressing. To me, guns have never seemed as elegant, beautiful and artistic as a well made sword or knife.
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PostSubject: Re: APOLOGY   September 20th 2013, 10:33 pm

When I try to make fantasy a about me being ezio in modern times guns ruin everything.Heck,guns suck.And I wouldn't and I agree with no making bombs my point was that I love thinking up/making weapons. I'm ha

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PostSubject: Re: APOLOGY   September 20th 2013, 10:35 pm

Ppy you let
Me stay can't wait to start,stranger1212 Ps how should I shape my first knife? I have no forge.
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PostSubject: Re: APOLOGY   September 21st 2013, 12:35 am

A lot of knifemakers do not have a forge.
It's like a bakery thinking
they have to grind flour.

A forge is a different discipline.
If you are going to beat
on red hot metal for fun,
you will face a different learning curve.
and your knives will develop a certain way.
You will make non-folding stuff first.
You could take a whole year, maybe more,
learning to heat treat, quench reheat,
temper, anneal, and never have a cool knife.

A knife builder can find scrap metal,
and then saw, file, sand, polish metal.
You can buy metal online,
buy metal in hobby shops.

A lot of famous knifemakers buy Damascus,
So they give credit to the blacksmith,
and the knife is "made by" two people.

You can build prototypes
out of wood, plastic, paper,  
then when you finish the pattern and mechanics
start making the metal parts.

Be careful you do not start something
that you can't finish,
it is a common pitfall, I suffer it a lot.
The spirit is willing,
but the hands cannot finish.

Choose things that you can accomplish,
then you will have little successes,
then bigger successes,
and not become frustrated.

I used to pound big nails
from red hot sticks into miniature swords.
I had an acetylene torch, but not a forge.
So I never tempered,
my "ART" was always soft steel.

Then I switched to store bought
bar stock steel (D2 steel)
that you can harden in an old oven
at Pizza/ broiling temperatures.
And the steel type will "air cool"
to a really hard brittle hardness.
Then you reheat it at a lower temp
to anneal it.

But my parts are all small,
I never made big swords,
just little 10 inch items.
so tempering quenching was not hard
I just can't make springs.
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Xiphoid Fanatic
Xiphoid Fanatic

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PostSubject: Re: APOLOGY   September 21st 2013, 6:17 am

If all else fails, I saw a guy making a (admittedly horrible) knife out of pennies and play doe. He used the play doe to make a mold, heated the pennies in a can over the fire until they melt (apparently it took about 10 hours), poured it into the mould and waited for it to cool. The knife wasn't the best quality, but it looked pretty, and could be sharpened. For a cheap knife (only cost a few dollars worth of pennies), it was pretty damn good.
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PostSubject: Re: APOLOGY   

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