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PostSubject: introductions!   March 21st 2009, 4:32 am

hey-o, my name's Dani and i'm sure all of you know my fiance Phil [xenorogue] >:] i'm 19, moved here to Bozeman (against my will, mind you) from L.A. about two years ago (but don't worry, i know how to hold a gun, i know holding it with a wrist limper than an 80 year old man doesn't do the trick), attend MSU-Bozeman in the Art depart., and ever since i was a youngin i've had a passion for things that are sharp, pointy and can hurt folk Very Happy i started deep-sea fishing at 7, hunting at 6 and every year i get a knife from Germany from my cousin Isaiah. sadly i only own a couple of guns and even more sadly my dad has too much fun shooting them that he won't surrender them to my apartment. speaking of guns i have been shot at many a time walking around the streets of L.A., been charged at with knives and many other things Evil or Very Mad i want no pity, i'm a grown girl and i know how to take care of myself.

i am now progressing into the Metalsmithing career and i have something to show for it! its all hand made (even the cogs) and made of copper and brass. (oh, its a belt buckle) and as you can tell, i LOVE steampunk!

all the parts

final product! its about that size too.

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PostSubject: Re: introductions!   March 21st 2009, 7:18 am

bacon Welcome bacon

First thoughts....You LEFT L.A.????? I would love to live in L.A.! Spent a little time down there and just loved it! But to tell the truth I do remember being in a few placed where I was afraid for my life. Great place...scary place. ...I love L.A.!

Your metal art is absolutly wonderful!! I love steampunk! I've had ideas of re-building the SAW gauntlet stiletto with brass, wood, and brown leather, making it look 1800's.
It might be worth looking into having some of your parts made by waterjet cutters or laser cut. The price might be worth the time it cuts down on, was worth it for me when I was making batches of knives.

Cool idea: I really like the belt buckle! Very cool! I wonder if there could be a way to make it so it moves just a little? Maybe have one piece weighted against a spring so when you move and walk the gears and chevron move 'just a little'. You know, a little back and forth motion, just enough to make it live.

Tank Girl huh? Looks like you're on the right track. That was a great book, I have it in one of my boxes!

and the metal art....MORE PLEASE!!!!
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Bill Sykes.....He'll shove that Shillelagh up ya shithole
Bill Sykes.....He'll shove that Shillelagh up ya shithole

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PostSubject: Re: introductions!   March 21st 2009, 4:48 pm

Ohhhh Daaaannni Giiiiirl, the forrrum forrrum weeelcommmes! (to be sung like the song "Danny Boy" Wink Laughing )

Eeeeelo Dani-Girl glad you finally got on ere mate, you can keep ol' Philly Nilly from misbehavin' cheers Cool Very Happy Rolling Eyes Philly nilly beat Philly nilly Rolling Eyes Wink ROFL Wink cheers

Oi that buckle is pukka mate, Steampunk eh.....i like it, proper original (just out of interest was that Phils rank [StaffSgt] @EOS?)

Seein as your a bit gifted an'all d'ya reckon you could design/produce a sort of OSS SOE Spy type Clandestine Buckle, with things like a Razor blade, handcuff key, Garotte, permanent match etc. coz that would be coooool as fuck coz to be honest i cant remember ever seein one (someone mustav done it somewhere, surely Rolling Eyes )

Obviously Phils there for input an like i said with your talent i think you could be onto a winner there me ol' Dani-girl Philly nilly Cool cheers

Anyway Welcome Aboard Luv, ya need anyfing just hollah an one of'us will answer mate! cheers Cool Cool Cool cheers

Bill Sykes BillSykes Bill Sykes
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Location : Bozeman, MT

PostSubject: Re: introductions!   March 21st 2009, 5:26 pm

@ Sinza
as i said, i moved here against my will; dad had always wanted to be in the country, now here we are in the middle of nowhere! although the cool thing here is i can hold more ammuniton and get an open carry much easier Twisted Evil
as for the chevron, i'm sure you know its a sergant's pin, i put it on in honor of Phil's service Very Happy
and as for pieces that move, i'm working two hollow form rings in which the embelishments will move. and theres only so much i can do now, i'm just in a college beginning class, i'm still learning, but very quickly Twisted Evil

@ Bill
no its not Phil's rank, but he did get one of the highest field commodations while out
haha, im not going to watch Phil on here like a hawk! im not one of those chicks who monitors every tiny thing their boyfriend does, im just here to talk knives, guns and show off some work!

speaking of work, one of the rings im making is going to hold and spring a blade. the ring (hollow) will have two finger holes, for my pointer and middle finger on my right hand, and will have a long "container" that covers all four fingers, looking sort of like an airplane wing. inside will be a double-loop spring and a blade attached to it along with a trigger of some sorts on the outside that can easily be hit with my thumb. and voila, it will spring out and becone an extension of my pointer finger. small, yes, but i know it'll at least get me an "A" Twisted Evil if i can, i'll post schematics that i drew out

thanks for the support!

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PostSubject: Re: introductions!   March 21st 2009, 11:49 pm

Welcome, Welcome,

and I can't imagine wanting to live in L.A.
Pittsburgh is for me, actually, I'm 40 minutes south of PGH.

Lots of woods nearby, but still semi suburban,
lots of horse farms.

I'd like to see you work on knives, see what your designs are like.

there was a lady who made switchblades,
I'm not sure, but I think it was griffen knives
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PostSubject: Re: introductions!   March 22nd 2009, 1:36 pm

cool streampunk weapons cheers jumping more pleas.

wenn du mir mehr lieferst, saug ich dich nicht Aus.
außerdem sieht das bild von dir sexy aus. ich würde dich sofort vernaschen..

if you deliver me more Pic, I do not suck off.
Furthermore, the image of you is sexy. I would you eat sweets immediately ..

Last edited by BlutGott on March 22nd 2009, 1:49 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Halo Assassin
Halo Assassin

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PostSubject: Re: introductions!   March 22nd 2009, 1:42 pm

Welcome Echo Very Happy Glad to have the whole family on board cheers

Enjoyed your metal work, looking forward to more posts Cool

Hopefully your man Phil has made the move bearable Wink

Glad to have you aboard eddie
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Balrog In Charge
Balrog In Charge

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PostSubject: Re: introductions!   March 22nd 2009, 1:53 pm

Welcome Dani! A great pleasure to meet you. Look forward to seeing more of your work in the forums! Very Happy Very Happy
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Death Dealer
Death Dealer

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PostSubject: Re: introductions!   March 22nd 2009, 5:59 pm look familiar..... Laughing Welcome indeed sweetheart! now I can chew your ear off about guns and knives at home, and here! And yeah I do need somebody to keep me in line haha.

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Beefy mongoose

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PostSubject: Re: introductions!   March 22nd 2009, 8:57 pm

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PostSubject: Re: introductions!   

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